Kids – they’re a tough job, whether you’re a parent, carer or someone working with children. Ok, it can be fun of course, but it’s hard. There’s no manual yet millions of self-certifying ‘experts’  are happy to point out where you are going wrong.

Having children or working with children has it’s rewards but surely you have to be at least a little mad to do it.

Spending day-after-day in the company of young, germ-ridden, snotty little ankle-biters who think you’re their mum or dad (if you’re just working with them) or know you’re their mum/dad/carer which brings a whole host of different issues. Or worse – you might be spending the majority of your time day in the company of hormone-fueled teenagers who think that you are public enemy number one, the cause of every major conflict in the history of humankind and now the nemesis to their emotions and bravado.

But you’re not alone. There are millions of you – teachers, support workers and parents – to whom The Marking Pile is equally relevant. Whether you’re marking books or marking time until your child(ren) passes a certain phase (when things will certainly get easier – won’t they?) hopefully you’ll find something for you in this website.

The Marking Pile aims to mix humour with considered comment, ideas and wisdom.

Being an adult in a kids world is tough. If you don’t laugh, you cry.